Certified Cyber Security Analyst

Introduction to Hacking.
Email Hacking.
Intellectual Property Theft.
Password Cracking and Preventions.
Identity Attack security.
Port scanning.
Network security.
Other types of Attacks.
Vulnerability Assessment &
Penetration Testing.
kali Linux (Intermediate).

Certified Penetration Testing

Introduction to Pen-testing.
Internet Basics.
Google dorks.
Hacking with software.
kali Linux (Advanced).
Wi-Fi Attacks.
Creating an Attack Strategy.
Reinforcing Attacking Strength.
Reporting Writing
& Submission.


Setting the Basics.
Understanding the Component.
Playing around: Examples with learning so far.
Making the component Smart.
In app storage.
Why Expo?.
Expo installation and commands.
OTA updates.
Expo API Reference & Usage.
Building swipe to reload project using expo.


package.json significance.
Express & Express Generator Framework.
Understanding app.js & bin/www.
API Understanding.
HTTP status codes.
Middleware & Basic API Development (req,res,next).
Authchecker using Middleware.
Integrity and Authenticity.
JWT & Hawk.
Build Simple API based secured login system.