Obsidian has been in the Cyber Security Industry since 2014 and has provided a varied range of virtual services to numerous industries. Initially, we worked with the Mumbai police crime branch to solve cyber-crime cases and provided fundamental training for Law Enforcement personnel. Now, we provide a diversified list of services tailored to suite the needs of individuals and companies, enabling them to secure their IT Infrastructure from potential threats.

Obsidian recognizes the magnitude of loss a company or a professional may face due to the rise in cyber-crime. With the goal to protect, we at Obsidian have specialized in the cyber security industry to provide our clients with the best measures to safeguard themselves from cyber threats that could cause massive financial losses.

Obsidian branches out into two major sectors in the industry i.e. the service sector and the educational sector. We provide a wealth of knowledge-based services that not only cater to the needs of the rising youth population, but also help corporates brace themselves for the rising threat of cyber-crime.

We aim to be the one stop shop for Cyber Security services and IT consultancy for your firm. Obsidian intends to provide our partners end to end assistance for their IT infrastructure. We thrive to make our security services better and better day by day and deliver an efficient, transparent, accessible and secure working environment.

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