Why us?

Whether you are an established Corporate or an ambitious start up, we cater to all your IT and cyber security needs. Technology over the past few decades has become an increasingly integral aspect of the workplace. From sending emails to making massive monetary transactions, everything has been webbed around internet of things, which makes it even more important to secure your IT infrastructure . Ignoring risk when it comes to cybersecurity can be disastrous as the growing trends show that hackers are getting smarter and more personal information has been shared online.

Hence, Obsidian offers very comprehensive testing and security services for your organisation. we make sure that we leave no loop holes when it comes to security of our partners.

What we do the best

Innovative RED and BLUE team testing - The red team uses its tactics of attack and offense to test the blue team’s expectations and preparation of defense. Sometimes, the red team may find holes that the blue team has completely overlooked, and it’s the responsibility of the red team to show how those things can be improved. It’s vital for the red and blue teams to work together against cyber criminals, so cyber security can be improved.

Social engineering - In social engineering The use of deception to manipulate individuals into divulging confidential or personal information that may be used for fraudulent purposes.This service offers threat control by finding possible manipulation of staff on their digital media of the concerned organization which helps prevent future attacks on the organisation's digital content.

Corporate Training - Our professionally trained executives offer learning classes to all the employees to maintain security of all digital content. Intensive information on Information Security Management is provided to your organisation's employees so that they are risk complaint and can act more securely and prevent cyber attacks


All of the offered services have been molded to fit around an organisation's Information Technology Infrastructure by obtaining utter protection for them.

It Can Protect Your Business – The greatest preferred standpoint is that the best in IT security digital security arrangements can give extensive computerized insurance to your business. This will enable your workers to surf the web as and when they require, and guarantee that they aren't in danger from potential dangers.

Ensures Personal Info – One of the most profitable wares in the advanced age is close to home data. In the event that an infection can get individual data with respect to your workers or clients, they are very equipped for moving that data on, or notwithstanding utilizing it to take their cash.

Enables Employees to WorkSafely – Without the best digital security answers for your business, you and your representatives are always in danger from a potential digital assault. In the eventthat your framework, or even individual PCs, end up tainted than that can truly hamper their efficiency and even power you to supplant PCs.

Ensures Productivity – Viruses can spread itself into other executable code or documents , this infects vulnerable systems , gain admin control , and steal user sensitive data.

Prevent Your Website from Going Down – As a business, the odds are you're facilitating your own site. In the event that your framework ends up contaminated ,there is an undeniable shot that your site be compelled to close down. This implies not exclusively will you lose cash from missed exchanges, yet you will likewise lose client trust and certain infections can regularly do enduring harm to a framework.

A Consolidated Solution – The absolute best sorts of IT security for your business will offer a complete answer for ensure against an assorted scope of issues. Preferably, your security needs to incorporate a firewall, against infection, hostile to spam, remote security and online substance filtration. Find how your business can profit by a layered security approach with Fortinet Security Fabric.

Bolster Your IT Expert – It may be terrible to hear, however most digital crooks will have substantially more experience than your normal worker with regards to advanced wrongdoing. The best IT security frameworks can give your group the highlights and bolster that they have to adequately battle against even the most decided criminal.

Rouse Confidence in Your Customers!– If you can demonstrate that your business is viably ensured against a wide range of digital dangers, you can move trust in your clients and customers. They will at that point feel progressively certain when acquiring your items or utilizing of your administrations.